Design Partner Feature: Gordon and Johnson Design

A few weeks ago, Amy Goldrod's daughter went up to North Carolina to spend some time at her in-law's lake house in Lake Lure.

When she came home, she said something interesting to Amy... 

"Even though I live by the beach, being at a lake house, going out on the boat and flying through the air on a rope swing gave me this summer-time feeling that I've never had before."

Amy never really thought about it... but because it's pretty much summer year-round where they live (South Florida), they don't necessarily have those defining summer-time moments, like the one her daughter experienced when she was at the lake house.

A couple of days after she returned from North Carolina, Amy received a notification that a design firm tagged us in an Instagram photo of, ironically enough, a lake house! 

Amy immediately reached out to them, and once she learned more about this unique project, she just knew that it was the perfect fit for the August Designer Feature. 

A a full-service interior design firm with clients throughout Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas and New York, Gordon and Johnson Design focuses on creating custom, highly-personalized spaces that reflect their clients' passions.

And today, Icon Ltg. is putting the spotlight on one of the firm's most recent projects, a new build they refer to as the "Cape Dutch Lake House."

Their client wanted a simple yet stylish home where she could incorporate her vast collection of family antiques, so the Gordon and Johnson team worked closely with both the client and the builder from conception to completion to help shape the project.

Not only did they manage to successfully turn their client's dream home into a reality, the final outcome of the project was so spectacular that one of the rooms made it to the cover of the August 2018 issue of Romantic Homes!

Gordon and Johnson Design Magazine

Every space in the Cape Dutch Lake House is gorgeous, but there's one room in particular that caught my eye: the dining room. 

From the high, vaulted ceilings adorned with wooden beams... to the rich, textured rug that grounds the room... and everything in between... the team at Gordon and Johnson Design didn't leave one detail unattended to.

Gordon and Johnson Design Dining Room

And of course she had to ask about the room's lighting when interviewing them!

Here's what they had to say: 

"The Belvedere Chandelier was the perfect choice for this dining room because it works beautifully with the existing antiques, while updating the space at the same time. The Flemish Sconces highlight the sideboard and a painting of the client's grandmother. Everyone who is lucky enough to have a meal in this room comments how much they love the lighting!"

Featured Lighting:

Gordon and Johnson Design Belvedere ChandelierGordon and Johnson Design Flemish Single Sconce