Beginning in January of 2023, things might look a little different on The Visual Comfort group is changing its product structure from brands to collections. Brands that you know, such as Visual Comfort, Tech Lighting, Generation Lighting and Monte Carlo Fans will unify under one brand name - Visual Comfort & Co. And moving forward, what were previously separate brands will be organized into collections.

The corresponding collections are listed below. Icon Ltg will remain, and we will update our website to reflect these changes accurately. 



At Icon Ltg, we aim to ensure that you, our valued customer, are put first during any changes that may effect your experience. We will still be your trusted resource for Visual Comfort & Co. lighting products, including all new collections. The products that you know and love will remain; the only difference will be the categories in which you will find them. We’ve created a quick guide, below, to help navigate the new changes.



Beginning early January, our main navigation will change. Now where you see all of the brands, you will only see two - Visual Comfort & Co. and St. James Lighting - in which you will hover over in order to see the new collections.



When you are searching for specific types of products, the filter menu on the left side of the screen will change a little bit, as well. You will find a new category of filters called "Collection", to house the 6 new Visual Comfort & Co. collections.


If you are looking for Visual Comfort, click here.


If you are looking for Tech Lighting, click here.


If you are looking for Generation Lighting, click here.


If you are looking for Monte Carlo Fans, click here.


As you navigate these changes, please remember that the Icon Ltg team is here to help with any questions or confusion. You can always reach us at or (561) 417-6868.