Monte Carlo

Slope Ceiling Adapter


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  • MC95AGP : 219 in stock
  • MC95BK : 327 in stock
  • MC95BP : 129 in stock
  • MC95BS : 258 in stock
  • MC95OZ : 77 in stock
  • MC95PN : 34 in stock
  • MC95RB : 104 in stock
  • MC95RZW : 138 in stock
The Monte Carlo light sloped ceiling adapter in english pewter supplies ample lighting for your daily needs, while adding a layer of today's style to your home's décor.
Width: 6
Height: 3.25

MC95RZW Spec Sheet
MC95AGP Spec Sheet
MC95BK Spec Sheet
MC95BP Spec Sheet
MC95BS Spec Sheet
MC95OZ Spec Sheet
MC95PN Spec Sheet
MC95RB Spec Sheet

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