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Note: The Piper pendant light from Tech Lighting is simple and sleek with its cylindrical design. This highly contemporary pendant is available in five on trend colors, three hardware finishes and your choice of lamping options including energy efficient LED or no-lamp, leaving you the choice to light this fixture with your preferred lamping. Due to the Pipers’ sleek style, the downward firing light provides crisp task lighting to surfaces below. The Piper is ideal for kitchen island task lighting, bedroom lighting flanking end tables and a host of commercial applications.
Finish: Black/Satin Nickel
Socket: Bi-Pin
Wattage: 50
System: FreeJack
Height: 10in
Bulb color temperature: N/A
Width: 2.5in
Designer: TL Studios
Shade: Cylinder classic style pendant

700FJPPRBS Spec Sheet
700FJPPRBS-LEDS930 Spec Sheet
700FJPPRRR Spec Sheet
700FJPPRRR-LEDS930 Spec Sheet
700FJPPRSS Spec Sheet
700FJPPRSS-LEDS930 Spec Sheet
700FJPPRWS Spec Sheet
700FJPPRWS-LEDS930 Spec Sheet
700FJPPRZZ Spec Sheet
700FJPPRZZ-LEDS930 Spec Sheet
700MO2PPRBS Spec Sheet
700MO2PPRBS-LEDS930 Spec Sheet
700MO2PPRSS Spec Sheet
700MO2PPRSS-LEDS930 Spec Sheet
700MO2PPRWS Spec Sheet

700MOPPRBS Spec Sheet
700MOPPRBS-LEDS930 Spec Sheet
700MOPPRRR Spec Sheet
700MOPPRRR-LEDS930 Spec Sheet
700MOPPRSS Spec Sheet
700MOPPRSS-LEDS930 Spec Sheet
700MOPPRWS Spec Sheet
700MOPPRWS-LEDS930 Spec Sheet
700MOPPRZZ Spec Sheet
700MOPPRZZ-LEDS930 Spec Sheet
700MPPPRBS Spec Sheet
700MPPPRBS-LEDS930 Spec Sheet
700MPPPRRR Spec Sheet
700MPPPRRR-LEDS930 Spec Sheet
700MPPPRSS Spec Sheet
700MPPPRSS-LEDS930 Spec Sheet
700MPPPRWS Spec Sheet
700MPPPRWS-LEDS930 Spec Sheet
700MPPPRZZ Spec Sheet
700MPPPRZZ-LEDS930 Spec Sheet

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