Lighting Tip #24 - Bathroom Sconces

The mirror is the focal point of any bathroom and functional lighting is necessary for the completion of everyday tasks, such as fixing hair and putting on makeup. Here are some tips on how to properly light a bathroom mirror with two wall sconces.

  1. Place sconces on either side of the mirror, approximately 36”-40” apart. This illuminates the face evenly.
  2. Position fixtures 60“-65” from the floor, where the bottom of the shades are just below eye level.
  3. Make sure that any light fixture that may come into contact with water is wet-rated, and any fixture in a bathroom with a shower is at least damp-rated.
  4. FIt is typically ideal to have 60 to 80 watts of light in a bathroom. Choose 30 or 40-watt bulbs for each sconce.

Tip: Match the finish of the light fixtures to the finishes of the sink faucets and shower head.