Lighting Tip #44 - Bedside Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are often installed at the bedside because they offer great task lighting for reading, and are an excellent solution for nighttime when overhead lighting is too intense. Here are some tips on hanging a wall sconce on your bedside.

  1. Hang wall sconces no more than one foot away from the frame of the bed.
  2. The top of the sconce should be between 55”-60” from the floor, 30”-36” from the top of the mattress.
  3. If the sconce has a switch, install it where the switch can be easily accessed from a sitting position in the bed.
  4. Choose a functional sconce with a swing-arm to provide adjustable task lighting.

Tip: If there’s a shade, the bottom of it needs to be equal height to a person’s chin as they are sitting in the bed.