Lighting Tip #59 - Dining Room Chandelier

Created in many shapes, sizes, and styles, chandeliers can add charm and elegance to a dining room. Whether it is the primary light source or paired with layered lighting throughout the room, chandeliers are the perfect statement piece to make your dining room pop.

  1. When determining the size of a chandelier based on room size, add the length and width of the room in feet, then replace feet with inches.
  2. The chandelier should be at least 12” smaller than the width of the dining room table.
  3. In rooms with 8’ ceilings, chandeliers should hang about 30” above the table.
  4. For ceilings over 8‘, add 3” to the space between the chandelier and the table for each foot of ceiling height.

Tip: Your chandelier should be centered over your dining room table, even if your table is not centered in the room.