Lighting Tip #68 - Entryways

The foyer is the first thing that guests see when they enter a house. Whether the ceilings are 8 feet high or 3 stories high, a light has the power to define the space. Here are some tips on choosing the right light fixture for an entryway.

  1. Hang the light fixture no less than 7 feet from the bottom of the fixture to the floor to ensure that no person bumps into it.
  2. Leave at least one full foot of space between the bottom of the fixture to the top of the door frame for clearance when the door opens.
  3. Make sure that the widest part of the fixture is at least 4 feet away from any surrounding wall.
  4. When determining the height of the fixture itself, factor 2” to 3” of height for each foot of ceiling height (ex. 10’ ceilings call for a 20”-30” tall fixture).

Tip: When the foyer is two stories high, hang the fixture so that it is level with the second story.