Design Partner Feature: Laura Greene Interiors

Located just a few miles north of Nashville, designer Laura Greene’s fearless approach to design has afforded her the courage to be bold in color and style. With the encouragement of friends and family, she officially started her business three years ago, although Laura has always had an eye and appreciation for design  of all kinds. As a child, she moved around quite a bit to different areas and styles of homes. This constant change in scenery was able to open her eyes to unique views of the world and gave her a better appreciation of the beauty in being different.


Laura is a wife and a mother of five and therefore knows firsthand the importance of functionality in a home. Her unique ability to pair functional living spaces with a sophisticated feel differentiates her from other designers. Her relationship-based approach allows her to create spaces specifically tailored to each individual client. Every client has different needs, wants, and budgets. Laura has perfected the art of listening without trying to over influence. Her favorite part of her job is that each client has a different style and need for their homes, which means that no project is the same. Laura loves color and is not afraid of it amid the minimalist mindset throughout the design industry today. She encourages her clients to allow her to push them outside of their comfort zone, while still ensuring their own personal style will shine through. 

From residential design to commercial office spaces, Laura has had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients with different needs. She attributes her success to the support of family, friends, and community. She encourages other designers to share their progress and photos of their work to continue to strengthen the design community. There is always so much to learn and lots to be inspired by, and having a community helps that flourish.

Laura Greene's Hunterboro Project :

This project was very special to Laura. The home was built over 25 years ago, so although it was dated, it had some great bones. She sat down with the family of six to learn about how they functioned as a family unit, and they gave her free reign to do what she does best. She got to inventory original pieces of the old home and complimented a lot of those beautiful antique pieces with some newer modern elements that they wanted. Laura used Tech Lighting and Visual Comfort lights throughout the house, and we are so excited to share how she did that. See below a tour of the home in Brentwood, Tennessee.

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Guest Bathroom

Master Bedroom

In every home that Laura designs, she tries to put at least one piece of art from local artists in Nashville. She loves supporting local and small businesses as much as she can. Because of this, picture lights are her favorite kind of lights because they showcase the beauty of the art.

Master Bathroom

Living Room



Dining Room

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