Summer Nights and Outdoor Lights

One of our most favorite parts of summer is spending as much time as possible outside. Whether it’s sitting out on the patio of a restaurant, cooking out on the back porch with neighbors, spending all day at the pool or listening to music around a bonfire at night, the outdoors are definitely meant for enjoying!

We believe that lights can define the mood of an environment, especially in outdoor areas. Brightening up your scenery can add charm and whimsy and make it more welcoming to sit and enjoy! Whether the lights are there to steal the show or if they are there to simply do their job, the right lighting for the area is essential.

Here are some of our favorite uses of outdoor lights!

Darlana Wall Lantern

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The Darlana Lantern is always a classic - indoor and out. Not only is it simple and timeless, but it gives that vintage and rustic feel to any space. These designers used the wall lantern in doorways all around the home. By lighting up the entryways and walking paths, your home becomes safer and more visible at night. What a beautiful way to brighten up the exterior of this house!

Design by @visionbyvisbeen

Fresno Framed Sconce

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This front porch is one of our dreams! It is perfect for drinking coffee and reading a book, watching kids play in the front yard, sweet talks with your loved ones on that hanging bench, and anything in between. And at night, enjoy the lantern-light and watch the kids catch fireflies or listen to your favorite music with your beverage of choice. Isn’t summer so sweet? The Fresno Framed Sconce is a perfect addition to this colonial-style home, and we are obsessed!

Design by @lizleewhite

Aspen 26 Wall

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Lights have the amazing power to set an ambiance in any environment you allow them to. The Aspen 26 Outdoor Wall light is one of our favorites for creating that mood space. This modern deck is the perfect setting for relaxing after a long day, whether spent at work or in the sun playing. Grab a drink, a loved one, and some good music - and chill out.

Farlane Chandelier // Darlana Hanging Lantern

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One of the most amazing parts of summer, in our opinion, is swimming in the pool all day and grilling outside for dinner that evening. This backyard covered patio is everything for that and more. It is crucial to have a well-lit area, especially around a swimming pool, for reducing hazard and adding security. Not only will your pool be more visible, but it will also be a lot safer too. The Farlane Large Chandelier and the Darlana Hanging Lantern will both give enough light to allow you to hang out and swim all day and all night long!

Design by @jeanliudesign

Design by @yssinteriordesign

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