Design Partner Feature: The Mix Interiors

The Mix Interiors, a boutique design firm based in Nashville, TN, is this month's Icon Ltg. Designer Feature.

Specializing in full-service design, their projects are tailored to residential clients building a new house or renovating an existing property, and they're fueled by their passion to create carefully curated spaces that add function and value to those who call them home.

The first three pictures you'll see — the kitchen, the dining room, and the living room — are all part of one project: a renovation of a home originally built in 1937.

The way The Mix Interiors team blended traditional styles with clean lines resulted in beautiful, unique living areas for a family of five.






The Rotunda Ringed Pendants were chosen for the kitchen because of their perfect dimensions that add a nice shape to the space, all while keeping the scale appropriate for the house. The Mix also loved the detail of the Rotunda's waist, which is beautifully accentuated with an antique brass finish.



Dining Room


 Maintaining a classic design while showing the spirit of a young family with three children and three dogs was the goal for The Mix as they designed the dining room... 

And the addition of grasscloth chair covers and dog-centric artwork did just that! 

They selected the Classic Ring as the chandelier because it isn't too heavy and it helps soften the rectangular shape of the antique farm table. 

The result is a fun, family-friendly dining area where many meals will be shared.



Living Room


Chaos is inevitable when your home is made up of three kids and three dogs, so The Mix Interiors knew they needed a sturdy floor lamp that wouldn't get knocked over! That's why they incorporated the Parish Floor Lamp Parish Floor Lamp into this living room.

This space is a great example of timeless design. And keeping a neutral base in the key furniture pieces created an opportunity for adding color in the art, pillows and accessories that can easily be changed out in 5-10 years for a fresh look.





When working with clients on a renovation, one of The Mix's main goals is to choose materials that have a timeless feel, age well and maintain the character and integrity of the original home.

In this bathroom remodel, they were able to keep the original tile from the 1960s, but they spruced up the space by adding a friendly pattern on the walls, a lacquered mirror and the Go Lightly Sconces.

The new pieces combined with the original tile make up a cool, calm and pleasant powder room for guests to freshen up in.



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