Fall 2019 High Point Market Recap

That’s a wrap on another fantastic High Point Market!

Each year, we travel to High Point, North Carolina, where tons of vendors and designers come together to showcase new products and new trends for the upcoming seasons. It is the largest home furnishings industry trade show with over 10 million sq ft and around 2000 exhibitors throughout the buildings. The market holds two shows a year, one in spring and one in fall. We are lucky enough to be able to attend so that we can come back and give you guys all of the updates on trends and products coming your way!

In the midst of the information overload that High Point Market is, we wanted to give you our top 10 highlights from the week. We are awestruck by the immense beauty and details that these new lighting fixtures consist of. From brand new lines to additional products in lines that we already have and love, you are in for a treat this season.

10. Textures

Lamps can add a particular design element to any room based on their versatility and uniqueness. They range in color, pattern, and style, and this year, textures are a significant influence as well. A texture can perfectly compliment a pattern or color in any space. Check out the textures of these spectacular new table lamps.

9. New and Improved

Many popular product lines are adding new products to the series. The Franca and the Arturo series are two that were recent releases this past year, and were a hit among many designers. Expect a few product lines to add new sizes and variations of the fixtures into these lines.

8. Colors

Along with textures, colors are making more of a statement now than ever. Many new products will come in a handful of color options to choose from. Expect to see this Andreas Medium Table Lamp, along with many others, in a variety of colors soon.

7. Details

It’s all in the details. These designers never fail to blow us away with the intricacy of the minute details that make up a fixture, and this year is no exception to that. Check out these products to see what we’re talking about.

6. Shapes and Sizes

Along with adding new products to popular lines, designers are giving us a wider variety of shapes and sizes to choose from within certain product series. The Albertine line is one example of this, as seen below. Expect to see a variety of new size options coming soon.

5. Simplicity

Before you get too overwhelmed with the new and improved, let me reassure you that there is still something so beautiful in simplicity. This is not changing any time soon! There are plenty of new fixtures that are still spectacularly simple for whatever space you can vision.

4. Versatility

What is better than a light fixture that looks good upright? A light fixture that looks good upside down and sideways, too! Designers are giving us all of the options in upcoming seasons to make the most out of the fixtures that we are buying. So, the next time that you are shopping for fixtures, make sure to envision what it would look like in other directions, too.

3. Classics

The products that you know and love are not going anywhere! Expect to still see a lot of the lines that have been showstoppers and go-to’s over the past few seasons. This featured Aiden line is still one of our favorites.

2. Modern Style

Because it is so sleek and charming, the modern style of design is making its statement. Modern elements are said to give a home a cleaner, reimagined feel. Check out these modern pieces that caught our eye!

1. Statement Pieces

Have you ever walked into a room and seen a light fixture that stops you in your tracks and makes you go “wow”? These are some that did that for us this past week. There will be no shortage of intricate and elaborate pieces to make a statement in your spaces.

We are so grateful for the experience that we had at this past High Point Market and are anxiously awaiting the next one! Let us know what your favorite part was, too.

At Icon Ltg., our favorite part of selling lights is seeing them in their new homes. Don't forget to tag us in your photos of designs so we can show you some love! Who knows, you may even be featured on our page!
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